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Welcome to gilblog!  As a kid up through my college years, I kept a daily (sometimes hourly) journal.  I have every journal I ever kept stashed in a milk-crate.  Somehow that crate has managed to fit in every one of my tiny NYC apartments over the past 7 years.  In the years following college, I bought a few journals and very quickly they turned into pages filled with to-do lists, grocery lists, and a massive collection of business cards.   I haven’t written in a journal in over 5 years…

Seven months ago while packing up our Manhattan apartment (in preparation for our big move to Brooklyn), the crate somehow ended up at the Salvation Army around the corner along with a few boxes of unwanted clothes and mismatched kitchen utensils… lucky I (quickly!) realized it & was able to run back to the 8th avenue Chelsea branch just in time to (literally!) pull the box off of the departing truck of junk.  As I carried the heavy journal-filled crate back to our almost empty apartment, I realized the importance of keeping a journal, and how much I missed it.  I may never revert back to long hand journal writing and sketching, but my days are still filled with thinking, doing, and seeing.  And so why not share what I think, what I do, and what I see.  A public journal.  Scary, but hopefully fun.



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