Brooklyn Home Company

Though I am sometimes haunted by the pressures of social networking, it has actually gotten me a few jobs. An old friend (who I haven’t seen in almost 10 years!) and I are twitter buddies. Tweet heads? Twitteries? Twitsters? Is there a name for a person you are connected to via Twitter? Thanks to @nicnewcomb, I have been shooting for Brooklyn Home Company. They flip brownstones. They are designers. They are artists. They are fun. They are extremely talented. …and most of the shoots are within 5 minutes of my house. Sounds like the perfect client to me. Maybe I can get them to redo my apartment and then I won’t have to leave home for the next shoot!

(click here for a link to the slideshow!)



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6 responses to “Brooklyn Home Company

  1. Nice work! I love the splashes of color in their designs.

  2. nicnewcomb

    Ha!! Thanks so much for including me. I’m glad to see that you are doing so well! I hope to see you sometime soon.

  3. Jessica

    I took a look at your slideshow. You are amazing! The shot of the cabinet with the leather pulls and the part-open door is just special. Keep it up.

  4. Thanks Jessica! Hope you are well!

  5. No no, thank you!

  6. Just stumbled upon your work- great work, and LOVE the Brooklyn Home Company. I’d love to do a feature (and you if you have any more photos) on them on my blog to highlight their amazing work!

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