Men at the Mall.

This summer I found myself begrudgingly at The Short Hills Mall in New Jersey.  While longing to leave (as I am not a fan of shopping, nonetheless at the mall!), I spotted these men.  Why were they at the mall?  Something tells me they have female counterparts shopping while they sit as if they are in the waiting room of a doctor’s office waiting for someone to come tell them the diagnosis.  My men at the mall diagnosis:

Husband: Bored & Poor. Wife: Who cares!  She’s got a whole new wardrobe!



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5 responses to “Men at the Mall.

  1. This reminds me of a trip to Victoria’s Secret where I noticed a big round cushion in the middle of the store completely covered with “men in waiting.” Aren’t they cute? lol

  2. Haha- I’m sure these guys would’ve enjoyed sitting in Victoria’s Secret a lot more!

  3. Emily,

    If this is your shot, then could that really be Fred sitting there in the shorts?

  4. If there were a computer in his lap, I’d say yes! But since there isn’t, I think it must be his long lost twin brother. :)

  5. Love this photo! A very familiar scene for sure.

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