A Straight Shooter.

Finding the best angle to capture a room can sometimes be the biggest challenge when shooting Interiors.  Moving the camera the slightest degree can make such a big difference. While shooting for Ali Schwarz Design this past Autumn, we found that shooting these three spectacular rooms straight on was the best option.  We tried different angles (because something in my head said that shooting straight on is boring)- but when the design and the view is as amazing as it was in these three spaces, being a straight shooter ain’t such a bad thing!

Interior Design by Ali Schwarz.  Prop Styling by Rebecca Omweg.  (Look out for more photos of spaces designed by Ali Schwarz, we’ve got a big shoot coming up next week!)



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2 responses to “A Straight Shooter.

  1. These rooms are absolutely beautiful. It makes want to redo my entire home.

  2. Beautiful photos, Emily. I think your decision to shoot these rooms straight-on was a good one. Obviously, we can only see three walls, but trying to photograph from any other angle would’ve left out an important part of the room/design. The design of the ceiling also plays an important part in determining what angle I’ll choose to shoot a room. I’ll rarely shoot a ceiling with squares/blocks of any kind at an angle. These are great photos.

    Hope you don’t mind my 2-cent opinion. :-)

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