Though this space is not located in Montclair- the designer, Rachael Grochowski of RHG A+D, is based out of Montclair.  These communal spaces at a large residential complex in NJ were both fun & challenging to shoot.  Red is a powerful color.  So often public communal spaces are muted shades of tan, grey, or green.  Rachael’s red is bold!  I’ve shot five of Rachael’s projects & there’s often a touch of red somewhere and it works beautifully.  Even her logo is red!



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3 responses to “Red.

  1. I’m a huge fan of color and contrast. The pastels in a lot of places are ok if you’re going for the calming feeling, but bright colors (and especially red) makes a room come alive.

    Beautiful job on the photography. Reds and purples are a challenge for sure. Add too much light and it’ll actually change the color along with the usual “hot spot” issues. Did you use umbrellas, softboxes, neither, or both?

  2. For the shot of the office space, we used 2 strobes bouncing off the walls/ceiling. For the red lounge, the were a lot of windows on the wall opposite the red wall so there was a fair amount of ambient light. We did use 1 strobe for a bit of fill bouncing off the wall. No umbrella’s or softboxes were used. I always have them with me, but I rarely use them. Thanks for your comment Dwight!

  3. These are gorgeous!

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