Away we go.

On my last drive to pick up my sister at JFK, I shot a few photos along the stop & go of the traffic lights on Atlantic Ave.   Tonight, I will drive once again along the same route, but this time I will not return until mid June.  Gilblog! may take a different turn over the next 5 weeks as we will be exploring the excitement of Barcelona, the charm of Italy, the food of France, and the canals of Amsterdam.  What was at one point a two week honeymoon turned into a five week adventure & tonight we depart from JFK.



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3 responses to “Away we go.

  1. Jessica

    WOW! Have a great trip. I look forward to seeing your photos.

  2. Emily! Have a wonderful trip. I can’t wait for updates! See you in 5 weeks……

  3. Dave

    Have a great trip. Lookin’ forward to the pics.

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