We are crumbs

Rome is humbling. We are all merely crumbs. I remember having a similar experience 9 years ago at the Grand Canyon- it’s a wonderful feeling.

iPhone snap at the (perfect) Pantheon.



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3 responses to “We are crumbs

  1. Nancy and Donnie

    Donnie and I are admiring your beautiful photos. Now Donnie and Greg are a part of your gilblog….Yeah…..
    So glad you are posting. It’s wonderful to read your “diary” each time you enter.
    Love you guys, miss you, glad you’re having a blast!
    mom, donnie and the rest of the world

  2. Wow, you’re in Rome already! I have been L.O.V.I.N.G. all your posts and pictures of your travels thus far….especially since you couldn’t smuggle me into your camera bag and physically take me with you! :-)

  3. arley

    Emily your pictures are beautiful. I am living my dream through your pics and discriptions. Love every minute of your beautiful adventure.i look forward to seeing and hearing about everywhere u go. Love you

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