Life is like a box…

…of crayola’s! The island of Burano ( 45 minutes off of Venice) is the most colorful place I’ve ever been. I wonder if all the bright colors make people happier. It’s got to do something interesting to the psyche to live in a place where every structure isn’t a neutral earth tone.

iPhone snap in Burano.



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4 responses to “Life is like a box…

  1. mom

    Love, love, love the pictures. So glad you’re having a fabulous time. Enjoy every minute.
    love you,

  2. Peter Winograd

    Bravo, Emily. Beautiful shot.

  3. Chasi

    Even the boats are colorful! Love this and can’t wait to see more!!

  4. Laurie Diamond

    What a great colorful picture! Just like crayola crayons!!!! Superb! Have fun! xxoo

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