Mansion In May

Every 2 years a vacant mansion is taken over by the designer showhouse, Mansion In May.  This was the 2nd year I was hired to photograph the entire mansion – so my 3 (amazing!) assistants and I set out for the 3 day shoot wherein we shot 35 rooms and the landscaped grounds of the Fawn Hill Farm.  It is so exciting to see the choices that the designers make without the influence of a homeowner sitting on their shoulder.  They can be bold.  They can be creative.  However, it can be a bit tricky to capture as each room is often drastically different from its adjacent rooms.  Some spaces are slick and modern while next door is a dark and traditional styled space.  Some are covered in soft pastels while others are clothed in primary colors.  It is my job to capture the individual personality of each room without having its neighbor peeking around the corner!



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2 responses to “Mansion In May

  1. Katherine Sheeleigh

    Gorgoeous photos! You really captured the most unique aspects of each space. The mansion was a huge success with a record breaking 20,000 visitors, record profit and the mansion is under contract. Its win-win! Thanks, k

  2. Those are really amazing shots. I adore that living room and the first pic is to die for!

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