Modern Declaration

I was faced with a challenge;  capture custom furniture pieces in the spaces they live in & make the photos about the pieces, not the space.  This is hard to do when the rooms that the pieces live in are bold and breathtaking.  The challenge made it a really fun shoot, and we even managed to fit in a portrait of the talented and beautiful designer, Daun Curry.  Daun’s company is called Modern Declaration & the website is coming soon!

Update 11/24/10:  The Modern Declaration site is up!  Check it out!



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4 responses to “Modern Declaration

  1. Beautiful. I love the wood mirror on top of that fantastic wallpaper!

  2. Isn’t that combo great? Drool-worthy.

  3. love the furniture, love the photos and love that blue dress! You do great work!

  4. Thanks Kristen! Love the story you did about your bee-keeping dad. It’s great!

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