It’s Showtime!

I never watched TV… until we moved to Brooklyn &, thanks to our generous landlords, have free premium cable.  Some evenings I find myself on the couch, fixated with the shows on HBO & Showtime.  The acting is top notch, the camera work is beautiful, and the story lines are addicting!  For the second year, I was hired to shoot the Showtime House and I was so excited to see how different the rooms would be this year as opposed to last year.  The Showtime house is a showhouse where the designers are each assigned a different Showtime series as inspiration for their room.  Who knew television shows could be so inspirational- I should start watching more TV!



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5 responses to “It’s Showtime!

  1. Way to go, Emily. What a great gig!

  2. Wow,

    This is my first time here and I am in love with your work. My Gosh! You know how gifted you are, right?!

    Anyways, I just started a blog about interior design and that’s how I ended up here :-)
    If you have some time, please, take a look at my site and let me know what you think.

    Thank you!

    Luciane at

  3. very cool!

  4. Hey, Emily,
    The photos look great—show houses can be stressful but you have a great ease with it. Hope to see you again at one.

    Marisa Pellegrini

  5. Thanks Marisa! Hope you see you soon too!

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