Welcome to Pleasantville

I thought I’d look through my own blog and try to see it objectively.  I know it’s pretty much an impossible feat, but I tried it.  I didn’t succeed; what I did realize is that I seem like the happiest, luckiest, most blessed photographer in the world.  Almost every post I write is about how fun a shoot is or how nice a new client is.  There’s truth in that- I have great clients & we really do have fun on our shoots, but my job isn’t always all bells and whistles.  I get stressed, I get frustrated, I get annoyed, I take bad photos, I say something stupid, I forget things… I’m like everyone else, but I just don’t share all of that.  My struggle with social media is that we all often paint such a pretty picture.  There’s a very small part of me that wants to post all my bad photos & all my frustrating conversations and experiences.  Very rarely do we see that in any form of social networking/media unless it’s anonymous.  Be it Facebook, Twitter, blogs, etc- negativity (other than complaining) rarely surfaces.  The internet is Pleasantville.

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5 responses to “Welcome to Pleasantville

  1. I totally agree, but yet……we learn from our mistakes/experiences, and even others. If we showed a little more of, we are just human sides, can you imagine how much more we would learn from each other? :) I think it would be, priceless.

  2. it is a strange thing this social media. how do find a balance between the realities both good and bad about your working life? for me, just getting started in the photo world, I find myself making lots of mistakes and asking lots of questions but have a hard time posting it online for my hopefully-future-clients to see. HA! I’d like to find a balance. step one, being honest in the comment section of someone else’s blog!
    : ) either way, love your work so any kind of “learning curve” you’ve experienced wouldn’t take away from your skills.

  3. I’ve never seen you take a bad photo! ;)

    but all kidding aside, here’s to honestly portraying ourselves in this world of over-sharing!

    but you’ve never really taken a bad photo, right?

  4. I totally understand you and the way you feel! It’s all about the western new-philosophy that everybody should always be beautiful and happy. It is so stressful to wear a mask all the time..
    A fellow, by far not perfect, blogger

    ps: I enjoy your photos a lot =)

  5. JWK

    So so true…

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