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  1. Hi Emily.. .I decided to look you up this morning, after seeing your photo of the super pricey mansion in NYC on East 68th Street. I am a big fan now. I love your photography. I hope that you blog more…I enjoy reading and seeing York work.

    Do yiu do the styling for your shots? I am still learning more styling skills and I am trying to learn to take better photos. I only bought an SLR camera last year and I am learning so much each time I pick it up…but I have quite a ways to go. I am a decorative artist by trade – and it’s important for me to take quality photos of my work. I hope to some day have you shoot some of my work. Some day.

    Re the florist whose home you photographed, I picked up his book a few years ago and I still refer to it time and again for inspiration. His work is so gorgeous!

    Hope you visit my blog as well. Thanks for your inspiring work!

    Linda Leyble

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