I am a New York based Interior Photographer. Shooting Interiors sometimes feels very serious. It is structured and everything often needs to be exact. Interior photography fulfills the serious side of me. And then… there’s the not-so-serious side of me. gilblog is about sharing both sides.


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  1. Not because I’m your mom, but I loved everyone of your photos.You are SO very talented. You capture the beauty of nature and all its elements. I also like your comments. They are so you. But, please call me when you have a minute, I have a question I don’t want to post.
    love you more….
    xoxo mom

  2. Andrea

    Oh mamagilbert- too cute!

  3. Kasha

    Hi Emily
    I just discovered your creations on Desire to Inspire, they are absolutely beautiful and truly inspirational. I would love to get into interioror photography & was wondering where you began. I studied Architecture (BA HONS in the UK), but quite frankly my heart lies in interiors and I absolutly love photography. Any tips on where to start would be very much appreciated.

  4. Thanks Kasha! (sorry for the late reply!) Hmmm… where did I begin? I think that’s a tough question, because I truly believe that everything I’ve done along the way has helped develop my eye for what I do now. I guess all seemingly unrelated things aside- you could say that I began shoot Real Estate photography. I was working as a Studio Manager for a great still life photographer (JeffHarrisPhoto.com) & at that point somehow developed an interest in Interiors. I started shooting my parents friends homes and if I saw a nice space, I would ask to shoot it. I then was able to create a small portfolio & that helped me get into the Real Estate world. Though it’s not always luxurious & the spaces are not always beautiful, it was a great learning experience and taught me how to shoot with minimal equipment. I tried to convince the brokers that people respond to a nicely composed image rather than a wide shot showing as much of the room as possible. I shot Real Estate for about a year & a half and after that I was able to compile a portfolio that didn’t look like Real Estate photography. One regret I have is that I didn’t really assist any Interior Photographers- I just started shooting. I think you can learn a multitude of skills and knowledge from assisting the right people. Try to find someone who really wants to teach their assistants and help them grow & you will learn a ton. Good Luck!

  5. Ege Denne

    Hi, I’m taking pictures with my sony mobile for my blog… For now.. Maybe get my self a better camera later, but I sort of like my simple (not so clear) mobile pictures… Will wisit your blog again. Love inspiration.

  6. Madalena Tavares

    Beautiful, beautiful blog. I am so in love with each and every photo you post. I was wondering the kind of equipment you use too (mainly lenses) since I was thinking on purchasing one lens to be able to shoot interiors. If you could give me that insight it would be amazing. Thank you for inspiring me!

  7. Hi Madalena,
    Thanks for your kind words! I shoot with a Canon 5DmarkII. The 5D has a full frame sensor, & the lenses I use are a 17-40mm, 24-70mm, 24mm fixed, & 50mm fixed. Though many people say to shoot Interiors as wide as you can, I suggest starting tight on a detail & then pull back until you like what you see in the frame. It makes for a more intimate photo. Wide shots may show more, but don’t draw the viewer in as much. Best of luck to you! – Emily

  8. Hi Emily! In searching for what came up under my name, I found you! Another Emily Gilbert. My blog and website are coming soon! LOVE your work. You will have to come photograph my work someday. I’m a designer in Texas. You could watermark it all and people would think it was from both of us….ha! ;-)

  9. There are a bunch of us out there! Thanks for the kind words. I’d love to come shoot in Texas! All my best -The Other Emily

  10. Anonymous

    How come I am just seeing this now? 5 years later?? :)

  11. I don’t know. Maybe I could tell you if I know who you are? :)

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