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Though this space is not located in Montclair- the designer, Rachael Grochowski of RHG A+D, is based out of Montclair.  These communal spaces at a large residential complex in NJ were both fun & challenging to shoot.  Red is a powerful color.  So often public communal spaces are muted shades of tan, grey, or green.  Rachael’s red is bold!  I’ve shot five of Rachael’s projects & there’s often a touch of red somewhere and it works beautifully.  Even her logo is red!



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Men at the Mall.

This summer I found myself begrudgingly at The Short Hills Mall in New Jersey.  While longing to leave (as I am not a fan of shopping, nonetheless at the mall!), I spotted these men.  Why were they at the mall?  Something tells me they have female counterparts shopping while they sit as if they are in the waiting room of a doctor’s office waiting for someone to come tell them the diagnosis.  My men at the mall diagnosis:

Husband: Bored & Poor. Wife: Who cares!  She’s got a whole new wardrobe!


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Manhattan on a sunny Sunday

Areas of Manhattan most New Yorkers try to avoid: Times Square, 34th Street, Canal Street, and South Street Seaport.  I ventured all the way into Manhattan this weekend to check out the New Amsterdam Market at the old Fulton Fish Market location.  In order to get there, I had to walk by The South Street Seaport.  I haven’t been there in years.  Though very commericalized and filled with tourists, it’s actually quite pretty.  My friend, Sarah, had read about Bowne & Co. Stationers – so being that we were in the area, we stopped by.  If you ever find yourself down near the seaport and need to find a hideaway from the mob of  “I ‘heart’ NYC”  T-shirts, enter this little oasis… you’ll feel good.  I didn’t get the name of the man pictured below, but it seems as though he is there all the time and he could’ve been there back when the business started in the mid 1700’s.  He is reason alone to visit.  He’ll make you smile.


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