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Montclair? Maybe.

I’ve spent a lot of time shooting in New Jersey these past few weeks.  A handful of shoots have been in Montclair, a town that kind of feels like an extension of New York City (they even have a Red Mango!).  Everyone I’ve met that lives there, both my clients & my clients clients, formerly lived in NYC & never thought they would end up in Jersey.  Four years ago I vowed I would never leave Manhattan, and 6 months later we moved to Brooklyn.  Earlier this year, I recall vowing that as long as I’m on the east coast, I will live in Brooklyn.  I’ve recently stopped vowing because you never know what the future holds.  Maybe, just maybe, Montclair could be in our cards…but you didn’t hear that from me.

Architecture & Interior Design by Stacy Millman of SKM Design.  SKM Website coming soon!

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Excuses, excuses, excuses.

I have been quite busy shooting lately.  In times when I’m swamped I find I have lots to blog about, but feel as though I have no time to post!  After a full day of processing images from last weeks 5 day shoot of the Mansion In May, all I can think about is my bed …and yet I’m making every excuse not to go to bed.  In honor of my bedtime procrastination ritual, I thought I’d post images with beds in them from a recent shoot with an upcoming furniture designer, Isabella Wolfe.  I’m pretty pooped.  (Is that a good excuse to go to bed?)

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A Straight Shooter.

Finding the best angle to capture a room can sometimes be the biggest challenge when shooting Interiors.  Moving the camera the slightest degree can make such a big difference. While shooting for Ali Schwarz Design this past Autumn, we found that shooting these three spectacular rooms straight on was the best option.  We tried different angles (because something in my head said that shooting straight on is boring)- but when the design and the view is as amazing as it was in these three spaces, being a straight shooter ain’t such a bad thing!

Interior Design by Ali Schwarz.  Prop Styling by Rebecca Omweg.  (Look out for more photos of spaces designed by Ali Schwarz, we’ve got a big shoot coming up next week!)


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Brooklyn Home Company

Though I am sometimes haunted by the pressures of social networking, it has actually gotten me a few jobs. An old friend (who I haven’t seen in almost 10 years!) and I are twitter buddies. Tweet heads? Twitteries? Twitsters? Is there a name for a person you are connected to via Twitter? Thanks to @nicnewcomb, I have been shooting for Brooklyn Home Company. They flip brownstones. They are designers. They are artists. They are fun. They are extremely talented. …and most of the shoots are within 5 minutes of my house. Sounds like the perfect client to me. Maybe I can get them to redo my apartment and then I won’t have to leave home for the next shoot!

(click here for a link to the slideshow!)


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The Year In Pictures!

The year may be coming to an end, but it marks the beginning of many new things around here.  A new desk!  A new camera!  A new portfolio!  A new blog!  Same ol’ photographer!  I introduce to you… (the new and improved) gilblog! What better way to end 2009 than with a recap of the year in pictures… with a hint of holiday spirit.

(click here to see full size slideshow!)


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