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Though this space is not located in Montclair- the designer, Rachael Grochowski of RHG A+D, is based out of Montclair.  These communal spaces at a large residential complex in NJ were both fun & challenging to shoot.  Red is a powerful color.  So often public communal spaces are muted shades of tan, grey, or green.  Rachael’s red is bold!  I’ve shot five of Rachael’s projects & there’s often a touch of red somewhere and it works beautifully.  Even her logo is red!


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Montclair? Maybe.

I’ve spent a lot of time shooting in New Jersey these past few weeks.  A handful of shoots have been in Montclair, a town that kind of feels like an extension of New York City (they even have a Red Mango!).  Everyone I’ve met that lives there, both my clients & my clients clients, formerly lived in NYC & never thought they would end up in Jersey.  Four years ago I vowed I would never leave Manhattan, and 6 months later we moved to Brooklyn.  Earlier this year, I recall vowing that as long as I’m on the east coast, I will live in Brooklyn.  I’ve recently stopped vowing because you never know what the future holds.  Maybe, just maybe, Montclair could be in our cards…but you didn’t hear that from me.

Architecture & Interior Design by Stacy Millman of SKM Design.  SKM Website coming soon!

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Men at the Mall.

This summer I found myself begrudgingly at The Short Hills Mall in New Jersey.  While longing to leave (as I am not a fan of shopping, nonetheless at the mall!), I spotted these men.  Why were they at the mall?  Something tells me they have female counterparts shopping while they sit as if they are in the waiting room of a doctor’s office waiting for someone to come tell them the diagnosis.  My men at the mall diagnosis:

Husband: Bored & Poor. Wife: Who cares!  She’s got a whole new wardrobe!


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