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Brooklyn Home Co, again!

There’s nothing I don’t love about The Brooklyn Home Company. The People? Check! Their Style? Check! The Locations (Brooklyn!)? Check! I only wish they could build and design their spaces even faster than they already do (which is pretty fast) so I could shoot with them more often. Looking for a new home? Go buy one of their newly renovated spaces, now on the market- you’ll be very happy.


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Mother knows best.

Susan Serra, aka The Kitchen Designer (who recently brought on her daughter, Kelly Donovan, as her business partner) contacted me to shoot her new line, Bornholm Kitchen.  In talking to Susan about how she planned to launch her new line, she tells me that our hero piece is being housed in the empty living room of her new home… and that’s where it needs to be photographed!  Yikes.  I had doubts about how we were going to make it happen but Susan had full faith.  It’s a good thing because I was not quite sure how I was going to capture the essence of this beautiful kitchen island in the style that she wanted in the middle of a living room!  In the end, we did it.  Susan was right.  Dare I say mother knows best?  Even though she’s not my mother- I guess it still applies, right?
Note:  All of the sites/blogs (links above) were designed by the very talented Nicole LaFave of Design Womb.  I think she’s great.  Really great.


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Modern Declaration

I was faced with a challenge;  capture custom furniture pieces in the spaces they live in & make the photos about the pieces, not the space.  This is hard to do when the rooms that the pieces live in are bold and breathtaking.  The challenge made it a really fun shoot, and we even managed to fit in a portrait of the talented and beautiful designer, Daun Curry.  Daun’s company is called Modern Declaration & the website is coming soon!

Update 11/24/10:  The Modern Declaration site is up!  Check it out!


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