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Welcomed home.

Vacation is over.  Or is it?  It’s hard to do real work when play work (ie: flipping through shelter magazines) is sitting on my desk staring at me begging to be read.  Buried between bills (real work), invitations (purely play), checks (work rewarded!), and catalogs (bit o’ work, bit o’ play- but mostly unrequested wasted paper) were magazines!  It was great to be welcomed home by one of my shots from Diffa‘s Dining By Design on the cover of BizBash.  Click on the cover image below & it will take you to issuu where you can flip through the entire magazine.  (The actual story starts on page 101)  When I arrive home from a long vacation a few years from now, it will be no surprise if all my magazine subscriptions will be read via issuu and the pile of mail will be – non existent.



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The Bag(less) Lady.

A few years ago when I left the film industry, I remember thinking “finally I won’t feel like a bag lady carrying a ton of stuff with me everywhere I go.”  Clearly, at that point, I didn’t know that I would end up being an Interior Photographer.  For most of my shoots I show up bright and early in the morning with an assistant, a handtruck, & about 7 bags of assorted gear.  Last year I started shooting for BizBash, an event industry trade publication.  I am sent out to document the decor, the space, & the unique design elements of the event.  What I love about shooting these jobs is that I have about 45 minutes to capture the essence of the transformed event space- and it’s just me, my camera, and one little flash.  I don’t even bring a purse with me!

Orchid Dinner, Madarin Oriental – NYC


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