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You call this work?

Some shoot days feel like work but some truly feel like play.  When I arrived at the Hudson Valley home of Interior Designer Sisse Jonassen, it was obvious that I was in for some serious play time.  I couldn’t get out of the car fast enough to see the inside & when I went inside, I didn’t ever want to leave!  I love every bit of the house from the exposed ceiling beams to the wide plank floors, from the found art to the fine art.  My photos and Sisse’s story were just featured on Design*Sponge – according to the comments on the post, she now has a big fan club!  Who’s the leader of that club?  Me.

Photo by Emily Gilbert - Design by Sisse Jonassen

Photo by Emily Gilbert - Design by Sisse Jonassen



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Brooklyn Home Co, again!

There’s nothing I don’t love about The Brooklyn Home Company. The People? Check! Their Style? Check! The Locations (Brooklyn!)? Check! I only wish they could build and design their spaces even faster than they already do (which is pretty fast) so I could shoot with them more often. Looking for a new home? Go buy one of their newly renovated spaces, now on the market- you’ll be very happy.

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Rue Magazine

I photographed a restored 1850’s farmhouse in Rhinebeck, NY for the most recent issue of Rue Magazine. The shoot was Art Directed & Styled by the so very talented Meagan Camp. After a day & a half of shooting we finished with 25 shots, which was too many for Rue to run- so Meagan & I pitched the story to the blog, Decor8 and an extended version ran on the site. A few days later The New York Times ran an article about the growth of online shelter magazines & featured Rue Magazine in the story, along with an image from our story chosen to represent Rue in the multimedia slideshow. It’s been so exciting to see the story grow & get exposure on multiple sites. Below is the original Rue article, followed by a snapshot of The NY Times slideshow. You can also check out the extended story (with more images!) on Decor8.








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There’s no place like home.

There is no place like home, unless your home is also your office- then there’s no place like your office.  Which is why I’m movin’ out!  With the new year comes a new space & while there are things I’ll miss about working from home, I’m looking forward to the change.  Gone are the days where I work in my PJ’s.  Gone are the days where I whistle while I work (read: sing loudly).  Gone are the days where I consult with Ollie (my most favorite dogmate) about important business decisions.  I will miss all of these wonderful aspects of working alone at home, but I couldn’t be more excited to have a new desk, in a new space, alongside actual people.  Ollie, on the other hand, is now on the lookout for a new mate to stare at during the work day.  I don’t have much flexibility in the design elements of my new desk space, but it’s always good to use the work of my clients as inspiration whenever I’m faced with a new project!

Design Credits:

Ali Schwarz (top left)     |      SKM Design Inc.(top right)

Christine Thompson Interiors (mid left)     |     Shift Design (mid right)

Shift Design (btm left)     |      SKM Design Inc. (btm right)


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