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It’s Showtime!

I never watched TV… until we moved to Brooklyn &, thanks to our generous landlords, have free premium cable.  Some evenings I find myself on the couch, fixated with the shows on HBO & Showtime.  The acting is top notch, the camera work is beautiful, and the story lines are addicting!  For the second year, I was hired to shoot the Showtime House and I was so excited to see how different the rooms would be this year as opposed to last year.  The Showtime house is a showhouse where the designers are each assigned a different Showtime series as inspiration for their room.  Who knew television shows could be so inspirational- I should start watching more TV!


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NY Observer HOME

Check out The New York Observer HOME Fall 2010 issue featuring one of my shoots with The Brooklyn Home Co.  This was a great space to shoot.  Actually, I wouldn’t mind living in it either!  Story starts on Page 69.

Taking too long for Scribd to load?  See the pics below while you are waiting.  (But don’t miss the article- it’s a good story!)


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Mansion In May

Every 2 years a vacant mansion is taken over by the designer showhouse, Mansion In May.  This was the 2nd year I was hired to photograph the entire mansion – so my 3 (amazing!) assistants and I set out for the 3 day shoot wherein we shot 35 rooms and the landscaped grounds of the Fawn Hill Farm.  It is so exciting to see the choices that the designers make without the influence of a homeowner sitting on their shoulder.  They can be bold.  They can be creative.  However, it can be a bit tricky to capture as each room is often drastically different from its adjacent rooms.  Some spaces are slick and modern while next door is a dark and traditional styled space.  Some are covered in soft pastels while others are clothed in primary colors.  It is my job to capture the individual personality of each room without having its neighbor peeking around the corner!


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Excuses, excuses, excuses.

I have been quite busy shooting lately.  In times when I’m swamped I find I have lots to blog about, but feel as though I have no time to post!  After a full day of processing images from last weeks 5 day shoot of the Mansion In May, all I can think about is my bed …and yet I’m making every excuse not to go to bed.  In honor of my bedtime procrastination ritual, I thought I’d post images with beds in them from a recent shoot with an upcoming furniture designer, Isabella Wolfe.  I’m pretty pooped.  (Is that a good excuse to go to bed?)

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Brooklyn Home Company

Though I am sometimes haunted by the pressures of social networking, it has actually gotten me a few jobs. An old friend (who I haven’t seen in almost 10 years!) and I are twitter buddies. Tweet heads? Twitteries? Twitsters? Is there a name for a person you are connected to via Twitter? Thanks to @nicnewcomb, I have been shooting for Brooklyn Home Company. They flip brownstones. They are designers. They are artists. They are fun. They are extremely talented. …and most of the shoots are within 5 minutes of my house. Sounds like the perfect client to me. Maybe I can get them to redo my apartment and then I won’t have to leave home for the next shoot!

(click here for a link to the slideshow!)


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Manhattan on a sunny Sunday

Areas of Manhattan most New Yorkers try to avoid: Times Square, 34th Street, Canal Street, and South Street Seaport.  I ventured all the way into Manhattan this weekend to check out the New Amsterdam Market at the old Fulton Fish Market location.  In order to get there, I had to walk by The South Street Seaport.  I haven’t been there in years.  Though very commericalized and filled with tourists, it’s actually quite pretty.  My friend, Sarah, had read about Bowne & Co. Stationers – so being that we were in the area, we stopped by.  If you ever find yourself down near the seaport and need to find a hideaway from the mob of  “I ‘heart’ NYC”  T-shirts, enter this little oasis… you’ll feel good.  I didn’t get the name of the man pictured below, but it seems as though he is there all the time and he could’ve been there back when the business started in the mid 1700’s.  He is reason alone to visit.  He’ll make you smile.


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