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Itchin’ for a kitchen?

This modern kitchen made me want to paint the walls of my kitchen bright yellow.  (It’s a good thing I didn’t do it because our kitchen has a long exposed brick wall & redish wood cabinets that would look horrible with bright yellow!)  How could you have a grumpy morning in such a bright happy looking kitchen?  I don’t think it’s possible.  It was designed by Elizabeth Aurandt of Mercer Interior.  Elizabeth is not only a talented Interior Designer, but she is also quite an intuitive stylist.  Throughout our shoot, I tried to convince her to venture into the world of prop styling.  She’s a busy lady…we’ll see if she can fit it on her plate!



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Beka & Houston, the young design team behind Shift Design, cater to individuals with a smaller budget (but they won’t turn away big budget jobs either!).  I met Beka, Houston, and Luis, their marketing & PR partner, a few years ago on- drumroll please- craigslist!  Shooting for them has always been very fulfilling; there’s something refreshing about shooting homes that are a bit more modest.  The spaces they design are comfortable & modern yet playful.  They have a knack for color & can really make a small space feel open and comfortable.  They are also one of the funniest duo’s I know- whenever we shoot together, it’s a bit hard to focus because they just keep me laughing.


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NY Observer HOME

Check out The New York Observer HOME Fall 2010 issue featuring one of my shoots with The Brooklyn Home Co.  This was a great space to shoot.  Actually, I wouldn’t mind living in it either!  Story starts on Page 69.

Taking too long for Scribd to load?  See the pics below while you are waiting.  (But don’t miss the article- it’s a good story!)


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Modern Declaration

I was faced with a challenge;  capture custom furniture pieces in the spaces they live in & make the photos about the pieces, not the space.  This is hard to do when the rooms that the pieces live in are bold and breathtaking.  The challenge made it a really fun shoot, and we even managed to fit in a portrait of the talented and beautiful designer, Daun Curry.  Daun’s company is called Modern Declaration & the website is coming soon!

Update 11/24/10:  The Modern Declaration site is up!  Check it out!


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I met one of my very first clients, Darci Hether, through craigslist a few years ago and we have been working together ever since.  A few months ago, we even came across a blogger who compared us to pb&j.  Mmmm- I’ll take that (the compliment or the sandwich) anyday.

In Darci’s modern spaces there is life and there is warmth.  She makes modern live-able.  On our last shoot we were having such an in-depth conversation about blogging that we forgot to turn the water on for the pot shot and had to shoot it again!  Ops!  …It was worth it- Darci decided to start a blog the day after our shoot!  Check it out: http://darcihether.tumblr.com/

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