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The Bag(less) Lady.

A few years ago when I left the film industry, I remember thinking “finally I won’t feel like a bag lady carrying a ton of stuff with me everywhere I go.”  Clearly, at that point, I didn’t know that I would end up being an Interior Photographer.  For most of my shoots I show up bright and early in the morning with an assistant, a handtruck, & about 7 bags of assorted gear.  Last year I started shooting for BizBash, an event industry trade publication.  I am sent out to document the decor, the space, & the unique design elements of the event.  What I love about shooting these jobs is that I have about 45 minutes to capture the essence of the transformed event space- and it’s just me, my camera, and one little flash.  I don’t even bring a purse with me!

Orchid Dinner, Madarin Oriental – NYC



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