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Beige Ain’t Boring!

TBT #5.  Interior Design:  The Elegant Abode.

Ariana & Ali are a dynamic duo who have a knack for neutral tones.    Their homes are truly sophisticated homes  tasteful accommodations  lovely huts elegant abodes.

EmilyGilbert_TEA_comp2 EmilyGilbert_TEA_comp1


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TBT #4.  Interior Design:  2Michaels.  Published in NY Home Observer.

Jayne & Joan Michaels of 2Michaels designed a serene home in an Upper East Side apartment. Serenity in NYC is difficult but clearly doable.


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TBT #3. The Bold and the Beautiful.

TBT #3.  Architect:  Anik Pearson.

Dramatic.  Dynamic.  Dreamy.








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TBT #2. Commitment.

TBT #2.  Interior Designer: Daun Curry of Modern Declaration.                             Art: Then and Now by Ed Ruscha.

One continuous piece of art that covers the walls along the entire perimeter of this apartment.  Now that’s commitment.

EmilyGilbert_ModDec_Main1 EmilyGilbert_ModDec_comp3

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2012, 2013, 2014

Almost every night the words “how the hell did it get to be 11:45!?!” come out of my mouth.  My husband, usually brushing his teeth, flashes me a smirk not unlike the previous night & he’ll probably do so again the following night in response to the same (rhetorical!) question.  …So now I ask “How, oh how, did it get to be 2014?”  For the past 32 months* I’ve moved the calendar task ‘new blog post!’ to the following week.  Today I check that box & set it to repeat instead of moving it to next Thursday.  So in the nature of Social Media happenings & hoopla and given my long extended blogging absence, I’m going to attempt to play in the game of TBT!  Every Thursday, I’ll be posting oldies but goodies from the last few years.  Here goes.

*Full disclosure:  In that time I had a baby & we moved to a new home so there were a few months years where blogging, unfortunately, was not up high on my priority list.  Don’t know how I’m going to do it with a toddler running around, but it’s worth a shot.  

TBT #1.  Interior Designer:  Jenny Wolf



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